Dead Sitcom Stars Cluttering the Psyche

Ted Knight stares at me

Through the late night TV flicker

His hair is white and bright

It hurts my eyes in the darkness

I am sad to see him on the screen

He exists in some alternate universe

The 1970’s that did not exist

But he no longer exists here

Norman Fell stares back on another channel

He is having trouble

It is those cohabiting youths again

His career has not yet faded from one bad choice

John Ritter’s face is young

His heart is still strong

This will be the greatest moment for both of them

Their faces show they do not know this fact

I do not know what the moments that flash through the

Viewfinder of my life mean

It is unclear until long after the point

And then it is fogged by judgments of episodes

Andy Kaufman is on after that

He is young and just a little crazed and manic

Diamond in the rough never cut to a beautiful gem

His pain on display for posterity

McLean Stevenson follows

Forever dying on a plane

Shown endlessly

Once dead in life

Doomed to repeat forever

Across the mindscape they are thrown

Living in a syndicated trans-cosmo-loop

They know nothing of the present it does not exist

The past does not exist either

Only a alternative reproduction

Dead Sitcoms stars cluttering the psyche

Adrift and floating like afterthought meteors,

Haunting and false

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

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