The Burning Covenant

Do you fear it?

What breathes beyond this world’s veil

Do you think of it?

Or are thoughts of it beyond the pale?

Do you have love for it?

The actions and movements of your life

Are you at peace with it?

Or does considering it cause you strife

Will you pray for me?

In those moments when you do

Will I reciprocate?

This I wish to do for you

If the bullets fly

Will you hold my hand?

If the rains wash us away

Can we drag each other to land?

Will you remember my name?

When you slowly come awake

You say you wish to start anew?

I give you my name and heart to take

Let us come to new terms

Define ourselves in different ways

Let us make a new covenant

And set the long broken one ablaze

Gene G. McLaughlin 2017

Resurrection Esoterica

What happens when the mysteries dry up?

The questions you had

When it began



Watching the cars go by

Metal birds without song

What do they sound like

To the robin soaring above?

To him

Below are quarries and mines

Hot pavement

Metals stones glass and heat

Specks of seed, trees and meat

Loss dots this world

Like flowers in a field

Constant in its attempts

To crack through

To claim

To conquer

To forget

Everything is reborn

That the robin can see

The nature of everything

Twists deforms destroys dies and denies

That its time is over

Or at least the question it posed

Is answered

To some

Resurrection is the birth

Of questions without answers

The placement of layers

Around the core


For when the blank slate of inquiry

Begins it again

Gene G. McLaughlin 2017

Sirens and Bird Calls

The sirens and bird calls

Merge in the distance

Becoming one to my ears

Both are alerts of an oncoming storm

I can see the shadow of what approaches

It’s outline partitioned by the bright sun

No storm ever comes as one

It comes in parts

What you choose to brace for








Depends on where you’re standing

Gene G. McLaughlin 2017